Printed in a convenient and practical A5 format with 348 full colour pages, the guide is packed full with images (500+) covering all aspects of the cars inside and out.  The guide provides all the information required to find or learn about your ideal Gaydon era Aston Martin, presented in a friendly, readable and easily digestible format that will have you reading from cover to cover.
It is crammed full with in-depth analysis of each model’s design and engineering,  including -  [ the VH platform, safety and DSC systems, engines, transmission, suspension, wheels, tyres, brakes, interior fit and function - full driving impressions - detailed reports on all the annual changes and improvements by model/ year - analysis of all the main options - details of the colour choices (inside and out) - a section on how to inspect the cars, what goes wrong and what to look for - An Aston Martin Specialist's views - real owner's reports, plus much more.]

With full details on all Gaydon models released up until early 2018: Vantage N400/420/430 /GT/S / SP10 /AMR - V12 Vantage/S - GT8/12 - Rapide/S - Centenary & Q Editions - Zagato Models - Vanquish/S - DB9/ LM/SE/Carbon/GT/Bond - DB11 (V12 & V8) - new 19MY Vantage and DBS.  With 2004-2019 model year  information & an introduction to the Aston Martin’s Hypercars.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR    -  This is the third successful specialist automotive book written by Grant Neal for car enthusiasts’. There are also two other well received buyers’ guides on the Porsche 996 and 997 series 911 ( Now published  in Kindle format on Amazon, click 996/7 above). We believe this latest title is his best and most comprehensive yet, it is simply crammed full with well researched information and his informal, friendly writing style will have you reading the book from cover to cover - No Aston Martin buyer, owner or enthusiast should be without a copy of this book. * Thousands of copies sold worldwide - known as the Aston Martin Bible.
L.J.  “I have just ordered this book for the second time, to sent to a friend who has just brought a secondhand V8V - I would just like to say having worked as an engineer on many AM projects it's one of the most readable and concise guides written and I use this book all the time for reference.

D.T. - “This is a brilliant book and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you are interested in this marque, you will not be disappointed with this book!”

A.P. - “If you're an Aston Martin Owner, or are considering the purchase of one, this book is a must buy. Simply stated, it's presented in a well thought out format, includes an abundance of useful information and is loaded with high quality photographs of every aspect of the various models”.

P. W. - Absolute must have for Aston owners or fans - A complete guide with pictures of all of the Aston Martin types and the differences between each make and model year. I sell Aston Martins and have recommended it to people that work for Aston Martin corporate, it is that good (although not linked to Aston Martin officially). A great resource for salesmen, owner or anyone interested in an Aston Martin!!!

R.K. - “Received my copy today, I must say I am extremely impressed, A great guide not just for owners and potential buyers of the later models of Aston Martin, but anyone just with an interest in the marque.”

R.D. - “If you are looking for details about Gaydon era models, that are balanced (pro & con) and cover absolutely every aspect of the cars down to the options, features and annual changes, then this is the book for you. I have not been able to put it down since I got it. It is not just the best book about these particular Astons, but the best compendium of important details on any car I have come across and I own a "lot" of car books”.

C.W - “To be honest, the book is bloody marvellous! Not only have I been able to see clearly what were options and what came as standard on each model year, it has allowed me to see colours, interiors and work out what I want on a vehicle. Thanks to the book, I know exactly what model year to go for, with the colours I want (or would tolerate) and the definite options I need inside. It's so handy having this information in one place. So to reiterate, this book has allowed me to make a decision on what I want from an Aston Martin and I can wholeheartedly say that in my quest for what is after all an expensive vehicle, this book has proved invaluable. For that you have my sincerest thanks. And you can quote me on that too!”

A.O. - “Many congratulations, I think you have done a wonderful job in producing a comprehensive guide to the Gaydon era cars. The second paragraph of your introduction absolutely sums up ownership and love of the marque.”

F.N. - “An Awesome book, lots of information for everyone especially first timers, I found it really useful and a great reference. Got the book as a present on Saturday morning and I have read it from cover to cover , highly recommended.”

G.B. - “An excellent reference book, learned lots of things I was previously unaware of.”

K.F. - “I've been reading the book this week and I think it's great. It's a must have for any modern-era Aston owner, it is really informative.  Already learned a few things that I didn't know before despite having read everything I can find online. Another good thing about the book is that, while the author is definitely a fan of Aston, he's not a cheerleader and openly discusses the drawbacks of the cars.”

R.M. - “Anyone shopping for an A.M. - should absolutely READ THIS BOOK.”

H.B.  - “It’s awesome, will definitely help me in my search for a V8 Vantage.”

M.R. - “I've Read  it cover to cover. Well worth the money, I wish I had it when I was first looking for an Aston.”

J.M. - “I bought this guide and read it cover to cover after it arrived. This should be a must read for anyone interested in purchasing a Vantage/DBS/DB9, currently owns one, or is just interested in the Marque. I wish I had the guide before I purchased my 2009 Vantage this year, it would have saved many hours of research and I would have been a more informed buyer. Well done indeed!”

I.P - Review - This book wants your attention.  Every paragraph is action packed with information so I wouldn't plan on trying to read this as a casual coffee table book, but it's definitely not a dry encyclopedic read.  If you're familiar with the attractiveness of the Eyewitness Travel Guide series with their many relevant pictures on almost every page, then you may find the layout of this book familiar, but this one doesn't gloss over any of the details like those travel guides can. The details help you enjoy your car even more or get you prepared for buying one.  The cutaways expose some of the mysteries below the leather and carpet like the gear shift linkage we often wrestle with on cold mornings, the fuel tank location and why it was placed where it was to improve handling, or where to find samples of every color used for the Gaydon series of cars.  The controversial DBS and V12 ceramic brakes are laid out for all to see as well as our much vaunted VH frame and engines.  Interesting engineering challenges the designers faced with the Vantage V12 are also in there. Somehow Mr. Neal managed to have some Aston Martin forum members share their thoughts about AM ownership which was a nice touch. I've had an '08 4.3 and now have an '11 N420, and from what I know I feel his reviews and recommendations are spot on.  The only minor downside for me was I kept having the recurring distracting feeling of what a huge amount of work it was to put his all together in such a compact resource.  Well, luckily that's not my problem and it won't be yours either.  
This great guide will save you far more than the cover price, by helping you find the right model, car and specification to suit your needs.  “Anyone shopping for an Aston Martin should absolutely read this book” - DON’T BUY AN ASTON MARTIN WITHOUT IT!

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your car, enjoy great images and share our enthusiasm for the marque - all the information you need on the whole range, also ideal for when you are ready to change model.

The book covers all aspects of these stunning cars,
with detailed driving reports and
hundreds of images bringing the cars "alive"-
experience what owning an Aston Martin is really like.
The latest range of Aston Martins are widely acclaimed as amongst the most beautiful cars  in the world. Sleek, modern shapes feature classic Aston Martin design accents; stylish alloy wheels fill the wide muscular wheel arches and the bodywork swoops and curves to meet ultra-modern light clusters. The Swan Wing doors open upwards for ease of entry to a cocooning hand-stitched leather world with hip-hugging sports seats, jewel-like real alloy dials and a dramatic sweeping centre console design!  But the beauty isn’t just skin deep, Aston’s advanced “VH” bonded and riveted aluminium chassis ensures both light weight and high rigidity. The heart of each model is a fabulous roaring V8 or cultured V12 engine; each produces one of the best exhaust notes of any road car, alongside vivid acceleration. The well-judged firm suspension, weighty steering and great chassis balance allow the cars to handle as well as they perform and each model features excellent safety systems as standard with powerful ABS brakes,  DSC electronic stability control and four airbags with restraint control. There has never been a better time to buy an Aston Martin, with good reliability, great used prices and this Definitive Guide.
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 Tells you absolutely everything you need to know about     

-  Gaydon era (2003-2019)  -


VANTAGE - V8 , V8 S,  V12 - Coupe & Roadster

DB9 - Coupe & Volante   DBS - Coupe & Volante


New era VANTAGE - DB11 - DBS

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Tells you everything you need to know about


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